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Miscellaneous Packaging Materials

We’re all about the details, because the little things add up. Your staff may not have time to study your tape, your slip sheets, and your stretch wrap. But we do, and we do it well.


You may think of pallets as a disposable commodity but we see them as a company asset that can impact the bottom line. We know how critical the pallet can be to your shipping success.


If you are looking for a continuing supply of Gaylord boxes then look no further than CSS! All of our boxes are in good condition.

Packaging & Automated Systems

We work with companies we’ve known over the years that build high-quality, reliable, and durable automated equipment that can refine your process.

Corporate Overview

About Us
‣ Experience Creating National Account Programs for Fortune 500 Accounts

‣ National Footprint – We cover all 50 states and Canada

‣ Focused Approach – CSS only works with National Accounts

‣ Diversity Supplier – WBENC Certified

‣ Leverage Your Spend

     ‣ Vendor Reduction / SKU Consolidation
     ‣ Improve Sustainability

‣ Your Competition works with CSS and has a Competitive Advantage due to our Programs


Executive Summary
CSS Distribution Group, Inc. (CSS) was founded in June, 2006. CSS has built its reputation and success on its philosophies regarding its Team and its Customers. Its motto is “Customer First.”. CSS is a national distributor of “End of the Line” products, which includes pallets, miscellaneous packaging, gaylords and packaging equipment. CSS targets “Multi Location National Accounts” ( MLNA’s ) as their primary customer base and excels in creating national account programs to help MLNA’s leverage their spend, reduce vendors, consolidate SKU’s and improve their company’s EBITDA.

CSS’ Competitive Advantage

Opportunity: In most cases, multi-location national manufacturers have consolidated purchasing to drive cost reductions & efficiencies in their material purchases. This has resulted in a disconnect,  where the factories no longer have the ability to drive and change innovation. CSS has identified a unique opportunity with “end-of-line” packaging solutions to reduce costs and drive efficiencies. Further, factory managers and engineers typically do not have the time or resources to tackle this issue and CSS can act as a “free” resource.

Solution: CSS has bridged that gap. CSS uses a detailed, “hands-on” approach to understand the needs of each plant and is able to provide integrated, innovative solutions that support the cost reduction and efficiency goals of both purchasing and the plant. CSS also acts as the liaison to implement consolidation, standardization and leveraging the dollars spent across factories through the offering “end-of-line” packaging solutions. CSS’ employees end up knowing more about the plants than the purchasing arm, thus creating the need that enables CSS to deliver value, create trust and become an indispensable partner. To the partner company, CSS appears as a “free” resource that lowers costs and drives efficiencies.

Vision Statement
“Creating value through innovative solutions”

Mission Statement
“Building trust and partnerships by doing the right things, right!”

Being Proactive

Why We Recommend Green
Green Practices are here to stay. Clients are demanding that we reduce our carbon footprint, support sustainable/renewable resources, and invest wisely for future resources. Yet we understand that the range of Green Products now available for your company can be overwhelming. We have the expertise to focus on the best product and packaging choices for YOU.

Our Vision
Our goal is to help our customers achieve efficient operations, reduced shipping damages and higher margins through cost savings while simultaneously meeting customer demand for Green Practices. We believe a relationship as partners stimulates the highest and best solution-oriented thinking.