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Miscellaneous Packaging Materials

We’re all about the details, because the little things add up. Your staff may not have time to study your tape, your slip sheets, and your stretch wrap. But we do, and we do it well.


You may think of pallets as a disposable commodity but we see them as a company asset that can impact the bottom line. We know how critical the pallet can be to your shipping success.


If you are looking for a continuing supply of Gaylord boxes then look no further than CSS! All of our boxes are in good condition.

Packaging & Automated Systems

We work with companies we’ve known over the years that build high-quality, reliable, and durable automated equipment that can refine your process.



CSS is ready to meet any of your pallet needs.  Using The Pallet Design System TM software with LoadSync© we are able to provide you with the best pallet design options so your product is safely supported and protected during shipping and handling, and of course as cost efficiently as possible.

CSS supplies new wooden pallets, skids, and top frames. Thanks to LoadSync© and the PDS we are able to meet whatever design specifications our customers have. Our new pallet options include:

  • Hardwood or Softwood pallets
  • Hybrid (HW & SW) pallets
  • Stringer, Block, etc.
  • Kiln Dried pallets
  • Heat Treatment for ISPM-15 compliance

CSS values the opportunity to help customers with their cost-savings efforts while making a positive difference in the green movement. Using recycled pallets we are able to fulfill many customers’ needs and save them money in the process. Recycled options include:

  • Recycled pallets
  • Remanufactured pallets
  • Combo (New & Recycled Components) pallets
  • Heat Treatment for ISPM-15 compliance

If you’re one of the many companies today looking for alternatives to wood pallets we are able to provide several different options to meet your needs. We are able to provide:

  • Corrugate pallets
  • Plastic pallets
  • Steel pallets
  • Aluminum pallets

Scrap Recovery
CSS also provides scrap pallet removal programs.  Working with our extended vendor base, CSS can provide removal of empty pallets while providing a potential revenue stream for our customers.