Asset Recovery

Your Greener, Leaner
Packaging Product Solution.

CSS Distribution Group is a leader in the collection, processing and marketing of recyclable packaging materials through innovative material recovery.  We:

  • Recover assets for their highest and best use while balancing rates and services.
  • Reduce waste, promoting individual and corporate responsibility.
  • Provide sustainable, cost effective solutions that positively impact your bottom line.

If you’re shipping across the U.S, the true cost goes well beyond purchasing end-of-the line packaging products. Once a product reaches the consumer, it has to be removed from its packaging, with the disassembled packaging products labeled as waste. These costly products are then lost in the recycling stream and find their way to already overflowing landfills.

End Waste with the Three “R”s

CSS Distribution Group can save you money and time while helping you have a positive impact on the environment. We do it through the three “R”s:


We analyze and identify your outgoing shipment channels to locate top consumers, and begin the collection process.


We identify all feasible repair options.


We return repaired products like endboards and pallets to you at a heavily discounted rate — all while promoting a zero landfill agenda.

The Result: Greener and Leaner Operations

By partnering with CSS Distribution Group, you’ll enjoy:

Discounted Packaging and Shipping Product

Access the same high quality packaging products like pallets and endboards at a fraction of the original cost.

A Sustainable Supply Chain

Repaired products are insulated from external market factors and have fewer price fluctuations.

Landfill Diversion

Your packaging products will no longer be clogging up landfills or impacting the environment.