Site Audit

Our site audit is designed to uncover opportunities for added revenue or decreased expense within your current operation. An example might be a comprehensive packaging program and scrap removal program. In this scenario, CSS Distribution would supply commodity items including:

  • New HT pallets
  • Reconditioned pallets
  • Combo pallets
  • Hand grade polyester strapping
  • Machine grade stretch wrap
  • Flood coat white and colored labels

CSS would deliver these items, and through our Recovery for Revenue program, remove and create revenue on the follow material:

  • Scrap pallets
  • Scrap plastic ( stretch film )
  • Scrap corrugate
  • Used Gaylords

In addition, our site audit identifies:

  • Ways to drive down pallet costs,
  • Ways to enhance or adjust existing equipment to maximize efficiency and reduce waste,
    Potential operational / process changes that can result in time and cost savings,
  • Alternate materials or sources for packaging materials that can lower costs without compromising performance,
  • and much more.

Our site audits continue to save hundreds of thousands of dollars for our customers.