Used Gaylords

If you are looking for a continuing supply of used Gaylord boxes, look no further than CSS! All of our boxes are in good condition without holes, tears or any damage that would make them unusable.

We’re known for great quality, fast delivery — and some of the best prices in the US! And with warehouses all over the nation, we can ship from a location close to you and reduce your shipping costs.

We have used Gaylord boxes available in a variety of sizes. Our revolving inventory includes used Gaylord boxes with full or partial bottoms with various wall thicknesses ranging from single wall to five wall. Used Gaylord boxes can vary in shape, rectangular or octagonal, with weight capacities ranging from 500 to over 5,000 lbs.

If you are worried about leakage or contamination of your stored contents, we also offer plastic liners that can accommodate the containers, along with lids.