Why CSS?

CEO Dan Withrow provides a quick overview of our processes and the pallet solutions we offer.

Get the CSS Competitive Advantage

Most multi-location national manufacturers have consolidated purchasing to realize cost reductions and efficiencies in their material purchases. But this has resulted in a disconnect, where the factories no longer have the ability to drive and change innovation. Further, factory managers and engineers typically don’t have the time or resources to tackle this issue.

That’s where CSS can act as a “free” resource.

The team at CSS has identified a unique opportunity with “end-of-line” packaging solutions to reduce costs and drive efficiencies. We use a detailed, “hands-on” approach to understand the needs of each plant, then provide integrated, innovative solutions that support the cost reduction and efficiency goals of both purchasing and the plant.


CSS also acts as the liaison to implement consolidation and standardization, leveraging dollars spent across factories by offering “end-of-line” packaging solutions. The CSS team gets to know the plants better than the purchasing arm, enabling us to deliver value, create trust and become an indispensable partner — a “free” resource that lowers costs and drives efficiencies.

CSS offers:

  • Experience creating National Account Programs for Fortune 500 Accounts
  • A national footprint, covering all 50 states
  • A focused approach that comes from only working with national accounts
  • A way to leverage your spend
  • Vendor reduction / SKU consolidation
  • Improved sustainability

Your competition works with CSS, and enjoys a competitive advantage due to our programs. Shouldn’t you get access to those same advantages?